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OMG that looks excellent! Congrats!
You're welcome! Enjoy!
...just curious what you ended up doing for Hungry Hungry BIL?
I have a 20# container of Satin Ice if you are interested. I am on the Northern Neck. I think I have a 16" pan too!!
You may find this link helpful; down til you see MD and then click on "Secretary of State"(Born and raised in MD and transplanted to VA!)
Here is the Wilton chart:'ll soom wonder how you ever got along without it !! Enjoy!
My DH bought it for me as a gift about three years ago and I have only used to two or three time. I just never really got into using it unfortunately!
...yes, it is what makes the shape of the drumsticks!
...regarding the Crisco ...I put my mixing bowl right on the scale and add the Crisco into there and measure by weight. No mess, no fuss!
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