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..are you talking about and edible image printer? If so, I suggest I have bought two image printers from them, as well as all my supplies for the printers. The owner, Debbie, is great to work with and very knowledgeable!
Thanks MaisieBake ...I have edited it and a few others!
This link may help to get you started:
..that would work! I use the half egg pan and put that on top of a sheet cake.
..I went through the same thing. The best ones I have found so far are the ones made by Pampered Chef. I bought about 10 of them a few years back and they are still going strong!
...this one looks like it would be relatively easy to duplicate: to you from the Northern Neck of VA!!)
I find it easiest to use a small heart shaped cookie cutter pressed into the fondant (or fondant/gumpast mixture) ...then just roll the two rounded edges together and seal them with a dab of water. Curl the edges back slightly, for a natural look. Make a yellow cone shaped piece out of fondant to insert into the throat of the flower. Hope that helps!
..thanks for letting us know! That is a heck of a price too!
I normally just stack the 2" cakes on top of each other, with a filling in between
..the link worked great! Thanks!
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