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I usually bake and freeze my cakes but I don't do the filling part until the day that I thaw the cakes. It may work just fine doing it ahead of time but I have never tried doing it that way. Sorry, I know that is not much help!!
Oh thickens just fine! It seems to thicken even more once it has cooled also! I haven't had any problems with it ozzing out at all!
Welcome to CC! Here is the one I use, it is very easy and tastes great. I usually use OJ in place of the liquour though .... this helps!!
..would you consider doing an edible image?
...ditto with the piping gel! It works wonders!!
Have you checked out the articles on this website regarding the serving sizes: are articles for the 2" and 3" pans. Hope this helps!
..that is what I use too! Haven't had one fall off yet!
I make it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge, the longer it sits, the darker it gets. The Americolor black is great for getting a true "black" color icing.
Also, Americolor sells a gold that is terrific too!
Not sure if this is what you are referring to but a company called PACTIV sells disposable ones.
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