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Thank you, I went and looked at the bee's you had made and i got inspired!!!
I am making a cake with firefly's in a jar on top and around the cake, it is a simple cake so i dont want the firefly's to detailed. Any ideas on how to make them look cute, but when you look at them you know they are firefly's???? Any ideas would be so helpful, thanks!
Ok, So after talking with her she likes this cake that i found here on CC.......[url][/url]I also love it, but she doesnt want the cowboy theme. She wants a summer theme. She also likes the Fire fly idea and wants me to put a jar on top with fondant firefly's in it and around the cake. I was thinking that a silhouette i could put on it would be this picture, or something similar........with a...
Thank you for your ideas, i dont know why i am having such a hard time with this cake, maybe it is because the customer is a little difficult!!!!! When i get this crazy cake done i will for sure post a picture! Thanks again for your reply's!
I got a request for a summer evening cake, I am totally clueless on ideas.It is a 10" round cake, and she wants it like a sunset, so i am going to airbrush orange and yellow. She would also like lighting bugs on it. Any other ideas on how to make this cake "cute" I am lost!!!!!!
At one time i found this neat little cake serving sheet thing, like it told how many people a certain size cake would feed, maybe on wilton, if anyone knows what im talking about would they be kind enough to send the link or whatever you can to me!
OK... I am making a 25 year anniversary cake for my mother and father in law . It is not till November, but i am still just trying to decide if i can make a cake or if i should get help. The whole thing is going to be a surprise for them and so i can do what i want with the cake. I am envisioning a 3 tiered round cake decorated in fondant, i know how i want it to look but just need some help with a few things. It will have to feed 80-100 people and i don't know if 3 tiers...
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