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My 15 year old helper, who also happens to be my BF niece, passed away on Monday from the flu. I am putting on a benefit to help them pay for expenses, and I would like to make a pretty significant donation, and something other than the standard gift certificate. By donation, something that can be auctioned off. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank You, Brandi.
Im in Arkansas and am so so so excited for you in Florida! I hope it passes, then hopefully it can get started here! There are so many people I teach that are talented enough to make them for people but would prefer not to open full time retail or could use it as supplemental income! I would like more information on how this bill was started, if you have the time! I think Arkansas especially those in the deep rural areas, could benefit from this!
So i get home from church this evening and real quick hop on fb to see whats happening in the world, and I have a message from a friend. Now I made her a wedding cake 10 years ago, that was one of my first cakes, and I dont even remember what it looked like. All I remember was it was a 2 tier that was a 6" and 4", and I charged her $35.00, because I didnt know what I was doing....anyways. This is her message to me.ok I want a cake about the same size as my wedding cake...
I really appreciate all your honest feedback!! I am seriously thinking about this, and have been planning it for 2 years now. I currently rent a place, and thought maybe it was time to expand! But just like you all said its risky and maybe I should just continue to rent!
I am interested in what your start-up costs and amounts were? I mean every little detail, from tip to building. I have to request an amount for the finance company, and every time I do the math I come up with a new number. If you arent comfortable giving me your totals, any suggestions would be appreciated. My building is 1500 sq ft. $400 a month in rent, I have to do the upkeep and install everything. All I need is financing. I have NO capital, so be honest with me folks...
I live in NWA in Huntsville! I to wish we had a cake club!! Neat to see others here !!
I just heart ya'all! You totally made my day feel so much better! They ARE NOT paying for it. So I think the skirting with Scraps as the hound sounds fabulous. What are they going to do fire me, I dont even work there!Thanks again ya'all!!!
Monday is my best friends birthday. She is a HUGE Tim Burton fan, down to naming her car Jack. Her sister works with her and thought it would be a good idea to make a cake for her birthday. We thought we would do a Tim Burton theme, with Nightmare before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland. Then the boss came by her sisters office and says Tim Burton is inappropriate, lets do something sweet, like her dog. Well Im sorry, eating a cake in the...
In my area there is only 2 places to buy cakes from, and one is a grocery chain. I am wanting to open a supply store/lessons/bakery. I think I have a really good chance at this, because the majority of questions, and calls that i get are from people wanting to make it themselves. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I need to start, and what companies they use to supply their stores. I appreciate all your time, thanks!!!
Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it!!!
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