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I would just like to thank the person (I'm sorry I don't have the name with me right now) who posted the Costco Vanilla Cream Cheese Filling recipe. I used it in a sheet cake this weekend and it was a really big hit with the young kids and adults alike. A three-year old came over to tell me how much he liked my cake, especially the "cream stuff" inside. I did change up the recipe a little, though. This is what I used (and I must say this made WAY too much to fill a...
I love mine! Never had a problem using it, used it just this weekend. I do have the smaller one for reg size cakes, but I would be lost without the big one for sheet cakes.
First - best of luck to you in your new venture!! I have to say the thing I look for the most in a bakery is FRESHNESS! I cannot stand to buy something and have it taste like it's been sitting in the case a little too long - I have brought stuff back and asked for my money back. If people are paying good money for baked goods they should get freshly baked. Did you ever get a cake or pie out of the refrigerated case and it has that "refrigerator taste" - YECH!! Now...
Thanks Peacockplace - it was nice of you to share the recipe with us. Sounds delicious and I'm always looking for a great chocolate cake recipe! Good luck and let us know how you like the cake!
MrsMissey - thanks for the suggestion on moving the divider over a little bit - that will certainly help. I had a problem with the chocolate side rising quite a bit higher than the white side. Do you think this hint will help with that also? Maybe the white side was overcooked and fell alittle?Thanks for your help!
Hi Squirrelly Cakes - I have a question - I have used the piping gel in the cream before, but I thought it left kind of a funny taste. Do you get that - or am I adding too much? Thanks for all your wonderful patience and helpful advice, it really has helped me more than you know!!Maryanne
Boy am I glad I ready this post - I thought I did something wrong when I baked a choc and van cake side by side in the same pan and the van side did not rise up as high as the choc side. But what could you do to prevent this I wonder???
Anyone have a really good tried and true recipe? I have tasted some and they seem a little too sweet. I've seen recipes that use cream cheese along with the white choc, but haven't tried it yet - has anyone else? Thanks you for help - I've learned an awful lot from you wonderful bakers!
magentaa23 - thank you - can you give me the ratio of crisco to cocoa, please? Do you use high quality cocoa - is that why it's expensive?
Hi - I am making a graduation cake for my nephew and am looking for a really good chocolate frosting. I tried one last night using a regular buttercream recipe I got here and added some ganache to it. Well, it tasted awful! I just bought the powdered sugar but it almost tasted "old". The recipe was 1/2 cp butter, 1/2 cup shortening, 4 cups sifted conf sugar, 1 tsp clear vanilla. I added a cooled mixture of 6 oz semi-sweet chocolate and 1/2 cp heavy cream. The whole...
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