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I've left my buttercream frosted cakes out for 2-3 days with no refrigeration and they have been just great. When I mean "out", I mean, inside your home or reception area. Only if it were going to be outdoors, would I be concerned with bugs and heat. Best of luck to you!
Redding, California here- home of the HOT summers! lol lol
I freeze the cookie dough all the time. Usually I cut out my shapes and freeze them on a sheet so they don't stick together then after they are frozen, I put them in my freezer bags. It's so convenient to have cookies ready to defrost for a short time and then bake. I'm sure the cookie dough would last for months and months frozen.
For a 2 inch rolling pin, does anyone know what size rings I'd need to buy to make a nice thick cookie to go on a stick. I saw some at Williams of Sonoma, but the thickest ring didn't look that thick to me. I just hate it when my cookies are not rolled out nice and even. I use dowels for my regular cookies, but cookies on a stick requires a thicker cookie. Sure appreciate any input. Thanks so much! Flower
What colors do you think are a "must"--I'm really ready to order now that's I've read your comments.Flower
Can you tell me just how you use it?Thanks so much!Flower
Just wondering how many people use this product. (Luster Dust) I haven't tried it yet and wonder if it's something I just MUST HAVE!Thanks so much.Flower
Ditto on the NFSC- you just can't go wrong with this recipe.You'll find lots of inspiration here--and THEY are right--this is so addictive.
If you want some small bottles that work with most all tips, go to the section in the store that has sandart. Michaels has them in that section of the store. I think there are two or three in a package and they are only a few dollars.
Well, I guess I'm going to be the different one here because I just love using my piping bag. I find I have more control with it and it's easier to fill than the bottles.
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