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Awesome. I sometimes have left over batter and didnt realize I could freeze it for cupcakes later.. Thanks for sharing
Any suggestions for places to order supplies online for boxes, boards, etc. Our local vendor sucks and we want to take our business elsewhere. I want quality but dont want to pay a fortune. Any suggestions?
I think it was the turn into her driveway. My hubby was driving ( and he has helped me deliver tons of cakes) and was going slow as usual but the driveway appeard suddenly. So he slowed and made the turn. It wasnt a slam on your brakes or sharp turn but I think it was just enough. I heard something but i didnt think anything fell, it sounded as if the box that the grooms cake was in had slid just a little bit. All tiers were on boards, they were all supported and there...
Congratulations on your first wedding cake. It is beautiful and you should be very, very proud. Good luck on your career path.
An acquaintance of mine was getting married. She is a photographer, did my daughters senior pic and does weddings. We discussed bartering photo services for her wedding cake. She is really laid back and down to earth, and a bit wacky, but I love that about her. For her wedding she decided on a 3 tier all plain white wedding cake with no design, as she was going to use some candies she love to put them on the cake. She also ordered a donut grooms cake.First, i realize that...
Thanks Indydebi- I knew I would appreciate your insight.
The refund question is another I had not thought of and an good one to cover. Thank you for that. I knew in the excitement of the possibility there would be things we forgot to ask and that is why we posted this on the boards. YOu all are so helpful. Keep the ideas, suggestions, questions coming.
No problem Narie. I am just so sleep deprived (from doing a cake of course) that I was confused how that came up. But yes, you brought up some good points and they are definitiley worth addressing. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for the input.Narie- I am not sure where the $6 per serving came in, around here that is too high I think. But I did think about excessive work and flowers, etc. I do agree that there needs to be something in our agreement that we would get a higher percentage for those decorations.Stitches-I do think it sounds like a good deal and possibly a good opportunity to get started. Thanks for all of the input.
Stitches- some great thoughts.This is still so early on in the thinking stages. We will have our own biz name and they would advertise something to the extent of " Now offering cakes by ABC Cakes (not our name, just an example).We would obviously form a contract and would be able to keep our clients if it didnt work out. For orders, they would take basic orders like if someone wanted a round BC cake wth a border and Happy Birthday on it. Anything else would be referred...
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