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It would be nice if there was an option to select a bunch of photos you no longer want as favorite and delete them all at once instead of going to each picture and deleting 1 at a time.
My email signature has my name and then says,"An inquiry about a cake does not guarantee that the date will always be available.I MUST receive a deposit to secure a booking for a cake."And also, to avoid any confusion....any time anyone inquires about a cake, I write their name on a post it and stick it on that day in my book. If I see they haven't replied, I always send a final email....."I have not heard back from you regarding the cake you wanted for 6.29.12. I have...
I just delivered one yesterday, 100 degrees and high humidity. And I couldn't believe it didn't sweat or anything! I cooled my car off for about 20 min before and had the air blasting. I brought a jacket cause it was so cold, but my cake loved it lolJust keep it as cool as you can and it should be ok!
I did one in January. I actually used the 1/2 of the Wilton Sports Ball Pan, lightly crisco and corn starch the inside, roll out grey gumpaste about 1/8" thick, place inside of bowl, cut neatly around the edge so it is clean. Let dry overnight. Then in the morning I moved it around to make sure it wasn't sticking. And let it dry a few more days. Then add accents and airbrush silver. Hope that helps!
Salt is usually the culprit.
Put a piece of shelf liner (non skid pad) under the board.
Stop adding salt. I had that issue when I added salt. I use salted butter instead.
My BFF and I always say how we need to start opening our mouth and expressing our real feelings instead of tip-toeing around in fear of hurting someone else's feelings. You are trying not to upset her, but in the mean time, you are getting yourself upset.I get asked a lot by people (not close friends though) about my recipes and if I can teach them and everything. I always tell them..."I started out 11 years ago taking basics classes at a craft store. Then I wanted to...
Do you have a pic of the logo?
I have been using Wilton Clear Vanilla for 10 years, people seem to love it. But I can't help but to think there's something better out there. What do you suggest as a great tasting clear vanilla?
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