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When I did a magician's hat, I used round cakes and stacked them. If you use 6" cakes stacked, then use a 8" cake for the brim. I used chocolate frosting to cover them. If some of the pennies are to look as though them are flying downward from the hat, use fishing wire on these. I like your idea, Doug.
I am new here, so I do not know the rules; that is, if I am allowed to tell you where I got my wire brush that I do wood graining with. It works wonders! Just edge into the fondant. When dry, use a tint of food coloring and vodka/gin and brush over gently and sparingly with a mixture of colors to form a nice brown of choice. Then, wipe gently and carefully with a clean cotton ball or tissue to pick up the excess. The liquid mixture goes into the cracks/edgings and...
Thanks so much for the link to your blog site. Beautiful cakes! Just beautiful! Enjoy viewing them.
It says, "royal icing roses", but looks more like gum paste. I stared at it for awhile and have come up with two guesses:1. Use the larger end of the rose tip; not the thinner end which is normally used for roses. Place a square of waxed paper on a nail (attach with a dab of frosting). I would start in the center and as the nail is turned just make a spiral for the rose as if you were losely winding a piece of ribbon.2. Cut a strip of rolled-out, gum paste and fold in...
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