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I find cut out cookies labour intensive too. But Ii find my efforts at the other end. I use NFSC or the Wilton rolled cookies recipes. I don't find either to spread at all so I don't do the in and out of the freezer part at all.With the Wilton recipe, it tells you not to even chill the dough. I frequently use MMF on top of thye cookies for my designs. So I cut the base out of MMF at the same time as I cut the cookies. Because I put the fondant on the cookies immediately...
I have been asked to make a cake for an 80th birthday. They would prefer whipped cream to buttercream since they find bc too sweet. Is there a good recipe for whipped cream that will not deflate. Can you decorate with whipped cream? Does whipped cream take color the same way as bc? Any restrictions when using whipped cream? As you can tell, I haven't used whipped cream, except whipped chocolate ganache and that I use as a filling> I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
I'm looking for a good recipe for a chocolate filling that will survive this hot weather. The party is outside and probably will sit in the heat while we eat and open gifts. Any suggestions? Thanks
Can I use modeling chocolate over rice krispy treats to make turrets for a castle? Would it be possible to use an impression mat to get a brick or cobblestone effect?
I wanted to make some NFSC with MMF and royal icing accents for a baby shower but now realize they need to be kosher. Forgive my stupidity, what constitutes a kosher cookie?
3/23 in CT and still no magazine!!!!! Does anyone know when the 2nd issue is due to be released?
I ordered back on 1/30/10 and have not received yet in CT. I hope it will be in the mail today. That would be a nice birthday present. If not, when does next issue go out? Hopefully some of the problems will be worked out by that date. I bet right about now you're sorry you started this new magazine. I don't think any of us mean to sound angry just anxious for a good cake oriented magazine. We all enjoy cc so much and just look forward to this new project.
3/16 and I haven't received the new magazine disappointed.
I don't have any answers for you but I have some related questions. I make cheesecake frequently but I have always used a springform pan with the removable metal base leaving the metal bottom on the serving plate. How can you bake a cheesecake so it can come off the metal base? I would like to make a 3 tier cake with only one tier of lemon cheese cake, 1 of polynesian and the 3rd of chocolate. I was hoping to use buttercream on the cheesecake and chocolate and cream...
A good friend has asked if I could make a combined birthday/anniversary for Passover. I am not Jewish so I am lost. Does anyone have a great tasting cake and frosting recipe? I know I must get a brand new pan (oh boy this cake is for 45 so that means more than 1 new pan) to bake in but what about bowls and mixers, spoons etc. I was told no milk or butter but what about eggs? I don't know yet if she wants it decorated or not. Can you use Crisco? If I can, maybe the whipped...
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