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Thanks everybody, Ive ordered from most of the sites suggested and had good luck too. Just wondered if their was a "gem" of a store that I wasnt awhare of yet...... thanks again!!!!
Whats yours ?
I havent ever recieved anything like this but it does sound very odd !!
You read my mind indydebi, what a Beeeotch. There are so many EVIL people in the world! YOUR CAKE IS BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!
Just wondering if anyone knows anything....
Thanks so much Sugarcow ! Looks pretty easy and interesting.
when do you need it by?
I could not agree MORE with everyones comments! Again someone who wants Dom PĂ©rignon for a Pabst Blue Ribbon price tag, Rediculous !!
Yes, you should refridgerate anything w/a fruit filling and/or cream cheese icing.
OMG HamSquad, you must be another of my sisters seperated at birth! I do all my cakes at night when everyone is asleep and dont like people to watch me either. I wonder how many others night-owl-cakesters are out there?
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