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I think Cricuit also cuts that type.
to me it looks like a fondant decorated regular sized marshmellow
B. Keith Ryder sells good modlleing chocolate at a reasonable price. The white takes color well and tastes good.
we would be interested to know. keep up the good work!!
hhhuuummm - might take more water and get too wet. It's the quinine that makes it glow. I wonder can you get from the pharmacist? Keep us informed whichever way you go.
it looks like the new "bling" wrap that is being used as border. Available at Caljava I know.
I have always found that cream cheese frosting under fondant "weeps". Even if refrigerated the cake underneath is super soggy. Yuk
where do they go on the extruder? what is their purpose? I've never used them.
these started as just a cupcake as the toe area and gumpaste sole and some type cookie heel. it does look as though it has been custom made for this effect. I believe the cupcake type is here on cc
I think I read on this site that the leaves, flowers, etc. were cut outs then the lines joining were piped with royal. It is not a mat but you might find something similar.
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