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I would like to try a 3-D cake and even a layered or tiered cake for that matter. My question is do you store these in the open or in special boxes? I usually make my cake the day before the party. Also how do you transport 3-D or layered cakes?
If im gonna carve a cake I've heard that a slightly frozen one is easier to carve. Is this true? Also how long do I let it thaw before carving?
What is simple syrup?
Does the Von's fudge icing come in a tube? If so do you use their tube or do you transfer to your own icing bag and tip?
My dh decided shortly before my 1st sons second b-day that buying cakes was too expensive, and that he and I could make the cakes. Well being the anal perfectionist that I am he was not allowed to touch it(You should see his handwriting) I had only made the usual double layer chocolate cakes with Betty Crocker frosting. So I was very new. My mother-in-law promised to help but of course had to go out of town that weekend.The DAY of the party I baked a cake in a glass...
I have used a crumb coat on some cakes but not on others. I usually just make my frosting pretty runny and smear it over the cake.Just curious what you all do and if you use it.
Thanks guys these are all great suggestions!I have used the bread knife and it works pretty well I'm probably too much of a perfectionist!I do still have probs with the rectangle pans where the corners seem to "sag" and if I shaved it off evenly with those it would be a mighty thin cake! Am I missing something?
Thanks! I have taken the Wilton method beginners class, but have been unable to take any other classes yet.
My cakes usually have a bump on the top instead of baking even. I have used the Wilton oven wraps, didnt help much. I have tried to use the wilton tool that shaves the top but its too crumbly. I usually use boxed cake mixes, are scratch mixes easier to work with?Thanks!
I'm new at this cake stuff and just dabble with my kids own b-day cakes. What are some tips on carving for beginners (I'd like to try the shark posted by sweets2eats)?Also, I've never used fondant any beginners tips there? What is MM fondant?Thanks for any help!
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