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I use orange extract and the zest of an orange too. the zest is very flavorful and it makes the cake pretty when you cut in and see all the little flecks of zest.
mix it all up just like you would WASC recipeDuncan Hines chocolate cake mix1 cup sugar3/4 cup flour1/4 cup cocoa3 eggs1 1/3 cup coffee2 TBS oil 1 cup sour cream2 tsp vanilla
you can paint with straight gel colors too. you have to a add a little white to it to make it opaque unless you're using black. No need to thin it either
I used the canned pie filling all the time as the base for my strawberry and raspberry fillings, I always add a ton of fresh fruit to it though so it's not too runny. I torte my cakes and only use a thin layer of filling and have never had a problem.
My recipe has coconut in the cake, not the frosting. It also calls for pecans in the frosting but rather than covering the cake in nuts, I just put it in the filling and frost it with cream cheese icing.
italian meringue buttercream is the way to go. If you need a recipe, PM me.
I just get the extract at my local grocery store, it's an IGA. Of course, I'm out of it right now so I can't tell you the brand but I think it might actually be a store brand. I know McCormick makes one too but I haven't been able to find that anywhere but online so far.
I've never tried it as cupcakes but I think it would be fine, it bakes nice and even and I even managed to be able to carve it the last time I made it.The first time I tried it, it was simply a test cake for home. I didn't have strawberry extract on hand so I used raspberry extract instead and it was good. I know strawberry can be hard to find, the flavor isn't quite as strong as if you had used strawberry but I still enjoyed it.
this one is really good
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