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The problem is that anything that has straight sides will not be stackable, which means that they are harder to ship/store. Disposable cups are probably not the kind of thing that people normally want to take up a lot of room storing, but instead want to be able to just keep a stack of the cups ready for use.I suspect that you may need to look into items with other uses, like maybe vases.
Another option is "Root Beer Extract". I have purchased it at WalMart, near the other cooking extracts. I know that the cupcake bakery uses it for their rootbeer cupcakes.
I agree with cheatize, too. I have a convection oven, and I have to use non-convection bake to do cupcakes, or they get blown over, particularly with thin batters. I accidentally had it set to convection last weekend when making some chocolate cupcakes, but luckily I noticed it before the cupcakes rose above the lip of the cups.
That's a good question. I do know that minors can legally buy and eat things with vanilla extract, which has a pretty high alcohol content, but I guess since that isn't sold as an alcohol product, it could be different. looks like that mix has 4 minutes, where all of the other DH have 2 minutes (and I'm pretty sure it used to say 2 on older boxes). With pudding mix and that long for baking, I am not surprised it would be fluffy. The pudding would have time to start setting, and it's being whipped.I never use my KA above a 2 or maybe 3 when it says medium, because it really whips.
Don't you cover your cake boards with some sort of plastic wrap? If so, I don't think they'd get soggy.
I made an impulse purchase at TJ Maxx today, and am hoping that someone has an idea how it can be used. (It was only $3, so it's no great loss if I can't use it.)Here's a link, so you can see what it looks like, since I can't get the image to upload in my post: is an metal frame (no bottom, about two inches high), which can be...
For brownie bites, I don't mix in anything. We made dozens of them before Christmas, and they were very well received. I use the Pillsbury or Duncan Hines brownie mix and then add mini-chocolate chips to the batter before baking. Also delicious if you add various extracts to the batter: orange, peppermint, and raspberry are quite good.
I can understand a venue having a cake cutting fee, if they are providing the plates and forks and their staff is cutting and serving the cake and washing the associated tableware. The way I look at it, if you had painters come to your house, and you decided you wanted the doors and shutters painted with a special paint, which you decide to purchase yourself and provide to the painter (instead of the brand they always use), you would still expect to pay for their time and...
Not knowing where your friend bought it, it's kind of hard to give any guidance. Does the packaging say anything?
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