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I have a June bride with a 4 tier wedding cake to feed 100 that wants her cake to be covered in a layer of marzipan and then fondant. I have never worked with the stuff so I don't know a lot about it. She asked for marzipan because she liked the almond flavor. I suggested to her that if she wanted the almond flavor that I could ice the cake in an almond buttercream before applying the fondant. What about mixing the marzipan and fondant together?What types of cake...
Yep, I put mine in the oven with the light on as well. Works like a charm. I also do this with fondant and gumpaste pieces that I am drying.
I know this is a really stupid question on my part, but what exactly is a cake drum made out of? Is it just 2 cardboards glued together, wrapped in foil or what?
I am trying to get a basic price list going for the size cakes I offer and I am having a really hard time figuring out what the going rate for the areas South of Atlanta are so I can figure mine accordingly. I was thinking about charging based on servings for all sizes except on sheet cakes. I am just wanting to charge a set price for the sheets since those servings vary quite a bit. What are you GA bakers charging?
I would LOVE to be part of a GA cake club. I live in the Griffin area in Spalding Co.
I don't think there is anyone who likes to eat Wilton's ready to use fondant. I haven't tried it yet but there is a great recipe for making your own Marshmallow Fondant that is great tasting.
I'm with these other ladies. I would definately talk to the store. You are paying to learn how to decorate cakes and not to hear the instructor's life story. Maybe they could re-fund your money or something and then I might find somewhere else to take my classes.
Does anyone have a great recipe that will make beautiful and great tasting roses?
I did go back to Michael's and I purchased the leftie tips they had for making roses. I tried it out when I got home and they worked GREAT! I didn't have to adjust my technique or anything and they came out perfect. I would strongly suggest that lefties try out these new tips.
Thanks, that would be great!
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