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NOT that I am defending the school, but thought I'd throw something out there how this might have come about. I was the treasurer for several years for a nonprofit organization and the board was always trying to come up with fresh ideas for fundraisers. I can't tell you the number of times that someone would have the idea to buy low and sell high. I can only imagine a VIP thinking 'we could buy brownies for .50 each and sell them for $3 and make a ton!'We had to write...
That has happened to me too, I made a sheet cake and a 3D cowboy hat cake for my dh boss's birthday. Boss's wife wouldn't let anyone cut the hat cake (even though they had people asking for seconds). Long story short, I was at their house 5 YEARS later and there sits my cake in her curio cabinet!! I was mortified and flattered, all at once! I begged her to throw away that petrified cake but she still refused. She finally threw it out when they got a divorced.
I'm so glad you posted this, I hadn't even realised that I haven't gotten one in at least a month or two or three. Guess I better go home and check the date on my last issue! Thanks!!
Great article, thanks for posting that. I know it is a fantasy of mine!
This is great info! I always spend time making pan grease (which works great) but any time saved is money earned! Plus not having to keep a container of it in my fridge, or running out when I'm already in a time crunch. Thanks folks!!
I had this problem once when mixing dark and milk chocolate. The milk melts so much faster, you probably have dark bits that didn't melt all the way. The next time I made mine I poured the dark into the cream first, let it set for 5 minutes, nuked it for a bit to make sure the cream was still hot and then poured in the milk chocolate, let that sit and then stirred. That solved my problem! HTH
The cookies place in my area charges a minimum of $7.50 PER cookie! I'm betting your customer has shopped around and would be very satisfied with your regular price, the discounted price would be a steal. Wishing you luck completing that order!
Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but I have to ask it anyway. You aren't putting a cardboard on top of your cake under the fondant, are you? It almost looks that way and I wasn't sure if that was a buildup of icing on the top edge or if it was possible that you misunderstood where to put the cardboard.
Here is a MSDS sheet for powdered sugar from Australia. It makes it sound pretty benign. Although my Dr. has warned me about chronic exposure. He had a patient who was a decorator who had something like white lung, which occurs from repeat exposure to chemicals or fumes. I try to remember to wear a mask because it tends to make me wheeze and feel stuffy.
actually ps 99 is high ratio shortening.
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