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I first posted these cookies back in 2007. It's kind of a wet on wet cookie. I use glace icing. I outline the entire heart in red. I then take a red filled decorator bottle and make the basic flame shapes. I then follow those lines with the yellow and orange icing. After the cookie is filled, I use a toothpick to follow the basic outline for each flame. Make sure you clean off the toothpick in between each drag so you don't get the red splotches as pictured in the previous...
Are you really ever going to use them again? If probably not, just cut by hand
If you're not going to do samples, just make sure you can deliver. You don't need to start out with unhappy customers. A bad word spreads much faster than a good word. I would do samples if for nothing else, than your own test. Character cookies are a bear. Also, it doesn't matter if you call it a simba cookie, a lion cookie or a school bus cookie. If even one person looks at it and says its could be in trouble. As far as pricing, start from the end and work...
i can't imagine not using bottles to decorate. i do however only use the bottles for the fill icing. i use the bags and tips for outlining only. yes the consistency you need to outline and detail with is very thick(hence the carpal tunnel). as for your "trail", you can't really pull up on your lines to stop. you need to run back over your design. does that make sense? once i get to the end of the line, i just backtrack a little back into the line. i hope that helps a...
Mel, tell her we miss her work! and how have you been as well?
i did find them somewhere, but they were $10 a peice. if you're still interested in them at that price i can tryto go thru my other computer to see where i saved them
i always start with royal blue then add purple and a tiny touch of black
I haven't read this entire post yet, but I do know her, just ask how she did any technique and she's very easy to talk to (unlike some of the others on Flickr unfortunately.) You're right, she does FABULOUS work!! [/quote]I find it hard to believe any of the wonderful decorators on Flickr are hard to talk to.
would be nice to see some photos
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