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Taste is personal preference! I use Satin Ice and everyone loves it. Wilton on the other hand...YUCK! I think you just have to try some of the different brands and see if there is a brand that you like.
I've never frozen cokies myself, but have read here on CC that people do it with fine results.
I would definitely say they used thinned RI in multiple colors and then used a toothpick (or other tool) to drag the icing around. If you search the galleries for fall leaves, you will see several examples of people using this technique! HTH
You are very welcome. Glad I could help! : )
It doesn't really matter. If you use unsalted butter, just add salt and if you use salted butter leave the salt out. By using unsalted butter you are more easily able to control the amount of salt you add. HTH
You can also put it on a warm cookie.
It's funny that you should ask this! Just last weekend I ran short of chocolate chips for my chocolate chip cookies. I had some Hershey kisses, so I chopped them up and dropped them in. It worked great! HTH
You can paint the cookies with corn syrup and then place the fondant on, or you can place the fondant on warm cookies and it will adhere nicely. HTH
That's good to know. The place I am looking at is commercially approved, I was just hoping that only the baking had to be done there, which would reduced the time I needed it. Thanks for your help!
Thanks for your help!
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