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Ok, I never did the course 3....didn't have time....but this fondant looks soooo interesting!!! The cakes that have figurines, for ex: the bathtub with baby and duck in that solid fondant? Is the fondant dyed to those colors or purchased? Which is the best recipe to start with? I want to try this....How does it taste, by the way? i cant get over the "play-dough" look, so I am hesitant to actually try it! (Which might be a blessing in disguise...
HOw long do you let your cakes cool before wrapping? I put mine in the fridge the other day to speed up cooling...and then forgot about it and left it in for the duration....the next day,,,,(ew) I decorated it....Needless to say that was quite a dry cake. ew...but it was the brides white cake and it still tasted good, just crumbly......;o) the kids didnt mind. ;O)I have to find anew hobby, i am eating too much cake! hahah!!!
The piping gel only needs a tiny bit of color.....i found that out when i did my fish cake. good luck
is that an auction site too? I noticed the seller part with cheaper prices? I am not familiar with it!
The Wilton instructor position would not be made available to you, if you were NOT qualified to do it. Talk POSITIVELY and only allow yourself to entertain POSITIVE thoughts. You have to take control of your MINDSET and GO FOR IT! Think about What made you agree to do this anyhow? At some point you felt confident enough to do this, or you would NOT have agreed. It is good that you are taking into consideration that people PAID for the class, is not a 3...
i feel left out
So you bake the cake upstairs, and travel downstairs with it? Next you need an oven down there!!! (Unless you already have one?)I like your groovy tricycle looking things in the corner, hee hee.... Do you drive them around when you are trying to get inspired? hee hee....GET EM OUT OF YOUR ROOM!!! hahahahah!!!! Just joking with you!!!! hee heeee!!!! I don't think mom's are entitled to a room ALL TO THEMSELVES...I think that was written in the children's handbook! hee hee!!!...
how does that work? Is that like ebay? Are they auctions? It says to "buy" for 39.99? But it shows seller's name, like an ebay auction? can you return them if there is a problem? This is interesting.Thanks for the info.
the round has a funky taste too....after it cooled and I sampled the top was not very appetizing. what a disappointment!think I will look for a different recipe.i dont think i will bother to frost the round. probably toss it!
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