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Indydebi...I think we could be related! I can only barely tolerate cream cheese -even cheesecake (only make it for dh)! I went to the cheesecake factory back in May...I was the only one who didn't order a slice of cheesecake (I got a slice of lemon cream cake instead -funny how everyone then wanted what I got!) I often think people who frost RVC w/ cream cheese are cheating themselves out of the real thing...but it's their always makes me want to bake them a...
What I'm wondering is how many of the winners are subscribers. I contacted the editors to ask if they ever plan to require an active subscription in order to be declared a winner...hope they do.
I also have the pampered chef bread that it also has the safety cover.
If you look in my photo's you'll see a pic of a RVC that has been torted...when fresh out of the oven it looks like a blood red, but's a ravishing red colour IMO
I'm not sure I understand the question. In reference to the recipe that I've posted the sugar used (both in the cake and frosting) is just regular granulated sugar ...not red sugar As for the's not a preference, it's just the only way to have an authentic RVC. Even my grandma and great-grandma have said that it's the original type of frosting, and that it was unheard of to use cream cheese frosting.Oh and in regard to breelaura mentioning it has to be a...
I use Reenie's crusting BC in the recipe section of CC - just make sure to use 2 lb confectioner sugar, not 1lb.I have been able to decorate a cake as large as a half sheet (I think) w/ the it's so light and airy...not heavy feeling.
If you look in the CC recipe section, there's a recipe I submitted..."Sarah's red velvet" - it has the correct frosting for an RVC (and yes the sugar in the frosting is reg granulated).
Hey if you all are AF spouses (which I'm guessing) do you also ever visit the afcrossroads spouse forum? If not, you should... and then scroll to where it says spouse forum (that site is actually how I found this site )
Hmmm the only thing I'm thinking right now is wording...Maybe a phrase like "Triple the fun, triple the toys, it's a girl, and 2 boys!"
I'm an uber snob when it comes to RVC...never have heard of putting nuts into/on a RVC - as my thinking goes...cream cheese frosting and nuts only belong to a carrot cake, never RVC.
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