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Okay yesterday I posted a topic (Just a bit miffed) last night I drafted a sketch of my envision of the cake, took it over to this individual's house to make sure that my invision of the cake would be suitable to what she wanted. Didn't hear back from her, so I proceeded to bake and crumbcoat the cake and then put the layer of frosting on it. Then I added an edible image, and so right as I finish...
I like the leaf border in my charlie brown cake (in my pics)
Let me get this out...I got a phone call yesterday from someone who asked me to make a cake for a co-worker. Side note to say that the cake needs to be ready before 8 am on 11 April, so technically the cake has to be finished by tomorrow night. Interesting thing, is that the person asking me to make the cake, also knows how to make cakes, but doesn't have the time.I thought about it, and said okay since I had the time. I'm a bit miffed though b/c during the conversation...
OMG...I was just watching the Jay Leno "Tonight show" (25 March) and this cake was on there as part of his headlines!!!! For those in the Pacific Time Zone, you'll be able to see it on TV Lucky that this post didn't disappear when the site crashed
Under no circumstance would I put a cake like that in a cakewalk as a "freebie" - no way, that needs to be put into the auction, and trust me I could easily see it going well over $100 !
Sounds like that gal was a heffer and cut pieces that were huge...and newsflash, gluttony and lack of portion control doesn't equate to a refund!
I just finished an extremely LAST minute husband chose to volunteer me to make a b-day cake for a guy in his military unit - or should I say, he "VOLUNTOLD" me to make the cake - oh and the requests: no halloween theme (guys' b-day is on halloween day )no military theme ( )don't use blue or red frosting must be big enough for 12 people no chocolate "use my imagination" - so I did! Let me know what you think of my last minute cake (it's...
Yeah...I could, but dh just called back and said - oh btw please no military theme, so then I said... oh I could do halloween and he said "no, b/c I just brought the cake up here yesterday that was a halloween cake" so I'm thinking...maybe an M&M theme cake...or would that be too cheesy for a guy?!
Dh just called to say he volunteered (or military speak VOLUNTOLD) meto make a birthday cake for a guy in his unit...and uhh the birthday boy's b-day is tomorrow! So basically a round cake to serve 12 people - I really need ideas, I'll be paid $20 for it -which I'm okay w/ but I just need to figure out a decent design that won't exaust alot of time!
Cash only...or how about paypal?
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