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Here's my take on the whole situation, and this may sound harsh, I think you may need to be reminded WHY you were volunteering and WHO the benefit was for. While you may feel slighted that your name was not given recognition...the purpose of this benefit - was to help a family w/ the remaining medical cost from which they lost a loved one to a hard fought battle of breast cancer. So while you may feel slighted, it would be best to realise that while you may never be...
Yes, it is granulated sugar. It may seem unusual, but just use it as a rule of thumb, that you'll know the icing has been whipped long enough when the granules are not detectible. Just make sure if you use a kitchenaid mixer, to use a spatula to get down to the bottom of the bowl scraping it every so often.
You name the emotion and chances are, I'll be exhibiting it in the follow post - so forgive me in advance if I seem out of line.About 2 weeks ago dh came home and told me that he signed me up to bring a dessert for a picnic his squadron was having. I was happy that he let me know in advance b/c usually he doesn't do that. I decided I would make a devils food cake, and also figured I would branch out and I made a scrumptious kahlua chocolate mousse filling - so this...
What a fantastic concept...though I wish they also had a soft purple colour
How do you join this group?
guess I really wanted it clarified
whoa...fifth time - yikes
uuhhhhh sorry fourth repeat
triple post
oops double post
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