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It's been a while since I posted but am wondering if anyone can give me any pointers on shipping cookies overseas? My husband is deployed right now, and I'm trying to figure out a way to send him some sort of goodies for the Christmas & New Years holidays.Specifically recipes would be appreciated (& any other helpful hints) Thanks in advance!
Is it possible to flavour MMF - I found some strawberry marshmellows, and I thought, wonder if it's doable, to make strawberry flavoured MMF?Anyone ever experiment w/ flavouring MMF? Success, or failure? What flavours have you made?
Usually 60 cents at the commissary (for Betty Crocker)
If it would have been me, and that question was posed I probably would have replied "I'm not offended, I'm relieved - I'll be able to sit back and relax" some of the cakes on this site are just beyond comprehension
You know if it took them a year to plan the party...perhaps the reason for the lengthy planning was just so they could get people to RSVP to the party In any must suck to be them
I was just at Sam's club tonight, and to be get what you pay for - their cakes are not fancy, they are simple at best. The prices aren't always on the "low" end either...I saw two slice of chocolate cake (forget what they called it) but they were charging $6.95 (if I remember right) for two slices...that's upwards of $3 per serving - not cheap IMO.
I was in my local Sam's club, and found something that I could store buttercream frosting in They are a pack of buckets - each bucket holds 6 quarts - they are made by Rubbermaid, exclusively for food storage - the buckets are opaque (obviously) and they have marking indicators - as far as 1 quart, 2 quarts, etc., They were less than $12 so definately a great buy to get 3 this size!
When uploading pictures of these scrumptious cakes, cupcakes, etc., It would be great if an optional "template" feature could be given, I think this would help members describe their cakes in more detail, and hopefully give that "crucial" info.The template could include basics like Cake Description, Size of cake, What tips were used, Recipe source (whether internet, cookbook, family recipe, etc.,)
I use to freely share my "from scratch" recipes, but recently have decided not to -pretty much b/c I was tired of comments where people used PART of the recipe, and then "franken-caked" the rest of it - then couldn't figure out what went wrong. I don't mind sharing scratch recipes that I have tried though - for a vanilla/white type cake try the "Whipped Cream II" cake on allrecipes.comI was thoroughly amazed at the simplicity of this cake, and IMO was just as easy as a...
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