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I didnt use fondant on my last batch but I did flavor with vanilla and almond for one batch and for the holidays I did the second batch with peppermint bc they were being served with hot chocolate and thought that would be great. it was a big hit.
I use LorAnns, depending on the cake flavor depends on the fondant flavor. I use Butterrum alot, goes with alot and takes great. Lemon is wonderful. peppermint, raspberry, I am doing a blueberry one next week. Like I said just depends on the cake flavor, I lke to try to match.
I hate to say i agree with EisskweenI would be uncofortable anyway asking at that point. The percentage of loss is minimal. You have to decide if it is worth it or not.
Thank you so much, It was such a funny way how it came about but it sure has been a hit, It has become my signature cake, Kinda fun to say I have one of those. Thanks again.
Hi I designed this and have sent out hundreds of instructions, so I guess I would be the one So here you go. I am hoping to get a tutorial done soon but in the mean time.........This cake is really quite simple to make. I just made a cake in a bowl. cut down the sides a bit to get the shape better, with those scraps I made the legs, Just basically cut them and shifted them down a little. Then The feet are Rice Krispie treats covered in fondant. So I got the main for shape...
Ok, first the corn starch makes it really easy to roll out and handle. I often do it with the dark colors bc like you said it gets sticky and it brings it back to where it needs to be. I dont know if you have ever tried the MMF but it is easy to make and much less expensive, and tastes better. For me it depends on what I am doing how I color it. Sometimes I airbrush, like I did a banana and wanted the inside of the peal still white, so I airbrushed the outside. Sometimes...
DUH! Why didn't I try that??!! A small piece instead of the whole bunch!?!?Good Idea[/quote]Hee hee you're so funny. But you know how it is when you get so worked up about something, you just dont think in the same way.(at least I dont) Good luck, I bet it all turns out just great in the end. Try to get some sleep and no dreams about blue fondant.
BTW, I do add some black sometimes to help it out, just be careful, not too much, it will change the color.
As for the sticky. You can start kneading it with cornstarch that will help alot and keep it nice and elasticy. Dont add too much at once tough. I hate to say this but It looks like you just need more color at this point. Why dont you take a small piece off and test it to see if the color gets there. That way you dont break your hand with the whole mound. I think it is getting there, just not dark enough yet. And Like I said the cornstarch will be your new friend. I hope...
What brand are you using. I know I got some brand that I dont usually use of black and it was not black. it kept changing to greenish or purplish depending what it was on. The Americolors seem to give a very solid true color.
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