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I have found that the temperature you cook the marshmallows and butter/oleo makes a big difference in the end texture- cook over high heat they turn into bricks when  cool
I make lines on the cake to follow for the first few rows so I get even spacing and like the others said practice,practice
If you have the strength to do the work, put on a face mask and wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.
Has anyone tried the Duff fillings now avail at Michaels. Wondering if they are worth buying.
Looked in my favs  to find a picture of a cake I wanted to do today and there are anywhere from 6 to 12 pictures of  ea cake picture I saved. When I deleted one of the  pictures of that cake all the pictures of that cake disappeared.What's up?
The cake I did for a barn wedding was in the fall so I didn't have to worry about the heat but It turns out the floor of the barn was a little shaky and everytime someone walked past the table shook. Fortunately my cake supports held- just a word to the wise. Good luck
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