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We just met with our Rep. and we have a number reserved for your bill. It is SB1181. Soon we will need involvement from home bakers, their friends and families to get the word out, sent emails and make phone calls. PLEASE help us in the attempt to legalize home bakers in the state of Oklahoma. You can contact me at
What would you use to make wings for golden snitch cake?
No ribbon, ribbon the real skinny kind.
I want to put really narrow ribbon around a cake at different angles. How do I do this?
I made a shark cookie that I used a template to cut out then put on a large cookie sheet. It was BIG.
I have never tried to roll out but I made some drop cookies today and they didn't spread.
My best friend got me the mini cricut too. Now I just need a cake to bake.
This recipe will cover what size cake?
You are so welcome. I love Owasso.
I have used 1 can frosting, 1 stick shortening and a box of powdered sugar. Then add flavoring of your choice. Makes a good amount and it crusts.
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