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You are so right - God did know you were going to knock that cake off before you got out of bed that morning. Thank you so much for saying that! I really needed to be reminded of that this morning - I think He directed me to this post! Excellent recovery. Have a great day!Mel
This is my favorite cake to make - I never have used the whole eggs though. May not hurt. The almond extract is soooo good. All vanilla should work - but that almond flavor is such a great surprise for people!! Let us know what you decide and how it works out!
they are both really good - the first one is my favorite - I really like the horse too. Good luck (although I don't think you'll need it!!)
I love my little sister but I would knock her upside her head if she did stuff like that! Oh wait she DOES! Not about my cakes but other irresponsibe stuff... I think the good Lord forgot to give her common sense and common courtesy! OOPS! I didn't mean to get off on my own rant I am like you though with her - I (half) say what I feel to her and keep the rest bottled up. Sisters... aren't they wonderful?Melissa
I have 3 inch pans and I fill one of each up. Then when I torte I have 3 layers for each size. I'm a rookie though - bake for friends and family. But it seems to work ok for us.
Congrats! Keep us posted.Melissa
That looks so great! My little princess loves it (high praise from an opinionated 5 year old) I have never tried one of these either... you have inspired me!Melissa
Good for you Nikki! Isn't it cool when people start noticing your talent?!?I am right here with you -- just getting started. Hoping my hobby turns into more.Best of luck to you!!!! Melissa
yum yum! I will be looking for it too! It will probally take FOREVER to find it here in "tiny town America" But I will keep my eyes open. thanks a bunch... Melissa
Hurray for you! I love a happy ending. I feel you with the toddler - my 5 year old still gets in bed with us EVERY night and my 22 month old still wakes up at least once a night. I know we should treasure this time but good grief... a little sleep would really help!Good luck to you.Melissa
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