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Thanks so much for the help! Here goes nothing.....
I am wanting to pour chocolate ganache over my cake but not cover it entirely. Just enough to cover top and run down sides. I've never done this before and not sure how to go about doing it. Do I need to wait until the ganache has cooled before pouring? Will it melt my BC? Please help!
Those are two really good ideas. Thanks so much for your input, I really do appreciate it. Still open for more....
I was thinking along the same lines. I thought about 3rd(and then crossing thru it) 4th times a charm. Would that look tacky? I want it to still look nice. Thanks so much for your input.
I have a graduation cake I am working on for this weekend. The college grad is going to be a teacher. Her mother wanted me to write something on there that is humorous that refers to her graduating 4 times. Yep, that's right, this is her fourth graduation. I am drawing a blank. Please help me figure out what to put on there. I'm considering all ideas. TIA
Well, I made it but am dissapointed. The pieces didn't settle on the bottom like I thought they would, so that is good. But we cant taste the Reese's at all. So I guess it just all melted and baked into the cake, cant see them either. I made a chocolate cake and iced it in peanut butter frosting. So I guess you should save your time and money and not bother with the Reese's unless you mix it in the icing and use as a filling. Oh well.
Well I'm trying it right now, I will let you know how it turns out. I went ahead and chopped the Reese's up a little bit more (about the size of chocolate chips), dusted with flour. Hopefully it will turn out.
I was thinking the same thing also, except I'm afraid the PB pieces are heavier than chocolate chips. Looks like I might just have to experiment and see. Thanks for the help!
I was given three 5 lb. bags of Reese's PB cup pieces and was wondering if I could mix these in my cake batter. I'm afraid the chocolate pieces would melt and go to the bottom of the pan and scorch. Has anyone tried this before? Any tips? TIA
Thanks for the help! I have a couple more questions. What type of egg free products are there?And would I use one can of Sprite to one cake mix? Will it rise and what is the taste like? Sorry to have so many questions but I've never heard of soda replacing eggs. Thanks.
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