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What is the best way to attach my gumpaste roses to the top of my cake? It's going to be a two-tiered wedding cake with 3 gumpaste roses on top. I've always done buttercream so it's my first experience with gumpaste (and I watched Edna's tutorials...she's great!)Thanks!Shannon
Yum! That would be a great finishing touch!
I really don't have a theme other than a color theme...burgandy and gold. Growing up my mom always had a wooden toy theme on our tree, sorta like the old fashioned wooden toys. Now she does a snowman tree each year.
These cakes on this thread are great! Clever ideas too
Good idea.... brownie covered in chocolate!
Those are really pretty! I remember seeing something like this on Sugar Rush.
wow they do have lots of stuff! I like stuff
There's also a recipe on my blog site (Midwest Crafts and Recipes) for red velvet cookies. One of the ingredients on my blog calls for cream cheese frosting (ready-made) but I personally prefer to make my own.
Madagascar Vanilla and also Sam's Club vanilla...if I don't want any discoloration (like in white frosting for cakes) I use Wilton's Clear Vanilla.
Corn syrup works like glue for me
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