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Hi.. I am planning to make Ganache in fancy jars as gifts for Christmas.How soon can I start making them?I'd appreciate any helpful hints on this as well. Thanks sooo much!
Cakey ~ Walmart gets their boxes from bakery Crafts
Thanks so much for the quick replies... it's in the freezer now ~ I'll leave it for 1/2 hr and see what I can do.....then seperate the layers with a board..thanks again
Yeah, so I'm gong along getting my cakes torted and iced and lordy! I forgot to put the ganache filling inside one of them,,,, do you think if I freeze it I'll be able to undo them and fill? I have no time to run to the store and re-bake so I'm thinking that's my only option here? TIA
Been there did that---NEVER AGAIN....I had a weeks notice for 07-07-07 (remember that????) it was my birthday and I really thought I could pull it off (DUH!!) 90 degree heat...wrong pillars, stupid daisies...I broke the topper and had to tape it together...on top of all that it was a backyard wedding...and I guess they decided to FERTILIZE the yard so it stank like ---- an OUTSIDE wedding! The icing softened and with all of that I just wanted to get the heck out of...
Okay cant get it to post grrrrr I'll try putting it in my photos
I am doing a cake for Sept 11th with this design, a 6" a 10" and 3 sheet cakes. The bride wants this color plus Teal...I am doing it in BC, not fondant and I know i can paint on BC using vodka but can anyone give me some specific directions to give this effect? Thanks in advance..y'all are great!
I have used wrapping paper covered with clear contact paper...fabric also covered in the contact. I use foil a lot too but not to big on the look
$7.50? it was 8.99 at our Michaels here---uh, no thanks
Thanks.... I figured it would work ok...actually added cocoa powder and some chocolate ganache & it is yummy!!!!
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