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Does anyone know if this is for stores all over the country or only at participating stores? I'm in NY and I haven't seen anything, but I will definately go check it out anyway!!!
I'm not a pro at the mmf, but i do use it often. I would think the butterflies would be dry if 48 hrs top. 24 hours should do it but it you want to be safe you could give it another day. I would give the royal icing another 24 hrs to dry. You have plenty of time though, since you have until 8/20. Good luck!!
If you make the marshmellow fondant (recipe on this site), add your color after your marshmellows are melted but before you add sugar, you can almost always get any color your looking for. I have only used the wilton gel color so i don't know if powder will work the same way. The MMF tastes so much better than the already made also. It really isn't difficult to make, so it might be worth a try if you're having a hard time getting your fondant to the color you want. Good...
I also am finding lately that AC moore is not carrying as much cake decorating supplies as they use to. I use to be able to go there if michaels didn't have something and always find it at AC Moore. Not anymore it seems. A little disappointing, but atleast I can order off of wilton if all else fails.
Absolutely Beautiful!!! I bet the bride and groom just loved it, not to mention the guests. You certainly should be proud of your work. I haven't made a wedding cake myself, but I hope when I finally do get the courage to do one it will be just as gorgous as yours!!!!
The cake extender recipes on this site are great for the taller pans. They make more batter and taste really yummy!!! The six inch you will probably just have to make some cupcakes with the extra batter. Enjoy your new pans. Happy Baking!!
Leana, Thank you so much for the links. I got a lot of ideas from all of those cakes. I'm going to brainstorm the ideas I love and see what i can put together. I'm just so afraid i won't be able to pull off what I think i can. Thank you again that was very helpful!!!
I haven't seen anything in that theme yet either, but I love the idea. You could do a transfer either with BC or piping gel and then fill in. Or I have seen a lot of great Elmo ideas on this site and in the wilton year books. Good luck!!
Thanks for the links. I did find those on my search. My problem is i really don't know what I want to do. It's for my sister-in-law's son and she wants me to surprise her. I don't like to do cakes like that, b/c I never think it'll be good enough, or what they would really like. Thank you for your help Cindymm4.
Does anyone know where I could look for some christening cake ideas. I've done several searches, but was unsuccessful. I've seen the gallery here, cakes are great, but I have about a month so I'm just trying to get as many ideas as possible before making the final design. Thanks for any help you can give.
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