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I've used applesauce and it gives the cake a nice consistenency. You do not get an applesauce taste.
Thanks Bluehue, great idea
these are awesome. Can somone offer suggestions on how they package these to sell? I just draw a blank on how to package them. Thanks for any ideas.
A couple that I am dealing with on a square wedding cake want 4 tiers. 10', 8",6" & 4". They want raised pillars between each tier. Easy enough with bottom three tiers, but I can not find a 4" separator plate anywere. Has any one tried to make one or can you offer some suggestions or ideas. Thanks so much for any help.
Metria thank you so much. Sorry to ask but I just could not fine it. Thanks
A couple of weeks ago there was a thread about a meringue (Powder) flexible royal icing. I was tracking it, but some how it got deleted. I have looked and googled for an hour with no luck. Does anyone know where this link is? Thanks for any help.
I have a few Fat Daddy pans and I like them. They are square, with crisp corners and a nice weight. I would not hesitate to buy more. I guess we all have our unique taste in pans.
I also use only DH. Always work great for me. Have tried others but always come back
Thanks, I am so excited about this. Will check it out in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks cakeandpartygirl for the post. My Mom lives in Ayden and I had not idea they had a cake store. I can not wait to visit the store. Thanks
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