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hi there- you should try cake man raven's recipe- i've made it a few times and its always a ppl pleaser- u can find his recipe for the cake and icing/filling on his's the link:
omg Linea that is sucha great idea! thanks for the tip! millionairess- i do what Lee15 does- very easy. mimi
i've never made a cupcake cake but would like to know the secret to them not moving on you- is there a tutorial on this?? mimi
this looks cool! i know my brothers and my husband would LOVE a cake like that! have you tried pm'ing bpshirley to see if she can explain it to you??
i think ur cake is beautiful! u had a few bumps but u covered it- and i would still charge them the $75- they werent going to get a custom wedding cake for that amount of money anywhere. what kind of icing did u use to adhere the polkadots? mimi
i usually start with chocolate buttercream (premade or home made)- add black coloring - i use the americolor gels (super black) let it sit and add more color if its not as black as i would like it... but let it sit for a bit cause it darkens... and yes warn people about teeth/tongues lol HTH
how did ur cheesecake turn out? usually they will be wobbly when taken out of the oven- and as far as the cracks go- i usually cover those w/a mixture sour cream, sugar and vanilla- pour that on top and back into the oven for about 2-3 mins- then you will have a nice thin white creamy "cover up" mimi
do u have a picture of the gown? maybe that will make it easier to help w/ur ??'s - as far as edible rhinestones i haven't seen any- maybe using edible glitter to make it sparkle?? mimi
tried getting the recipes for the NFSC and Antonia's RI - nothing comes up... I'm sad!!!
hi ladies! by chance would any of u know how i would go about to make an angel bubblegum buddy? i've also been trying to find all white bubblegum balls but have not found them your help and advice will be greatly appreciated! thanks,mimi
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