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I have made that design a couple of times. The pictures are in my gallery. I made each petal individually and then attached them individually to the cake. Once I used gel to attach them and once I used royal icing. They both worked equally well. Below are the links from my facebook...
I have used a broach a couple of times on cakes. On mine the broach pin was stuck directly into the gumpaste center of the bow. Below is my most recent one.
I cannot find any of the pics I posted in Round Wedding cakes. Has anyone else had this problem?
Below is the link to one that I did this summer. The rose and petals are fondant on a buttercream cake. I attached them with piping gel and had no problem. I have also used water to attach fondant pieces to a buttercream cake. I have had good luck with both. The picture is also in my gallery.!/photo.php?fbid=527199830628109&set=a.171249022889860.45428.171247566223339&type=3&theater
What about just adding some ribbon in her colors to the bottom of each tier?
I just use the same gel color that I use to color frosting. I use Duncan Hines white cake mix. I have not noticed a difference in taste or texture. Here is one I just did for a party.!/photo.php?fbid=278031318878296&set=a.171857392829023.45618.171247566223339&type=1&theaterHere is the cake before it was...
I just received my free sample - a 50 lb. bag of white cake mix. My question is "what do you mean when you say "scale the water and mix into the mixer""? I have a white cake next week and would love to try this.
Here it is!
I made lime green fondant by starting with yellow then adding Wilton Leaf Green until I got the desired shade. Here is an example:
I have never used piping gel but I recently did several dummy cakes and used water. It worked like a charm and I would recommend it.Linda
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