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Does anyone sell at farmers markets? I was considering trying this for my slower months and trying to figure if its a good route to go or not. Thanks
Thank you all. Thats exactly what I needed to know. I don't want customers to think that my normal prices are $$ but wasnt sure how to word the rush order fee. Also, Im hoping that this will do exactly as you stated jgifford and "train" my customers. Too many of them have started calling me on Friday for Saturday! You guys rock! Thanks again
Hi, I was wondering to all those that charge a convenience or rush fee for last minute orders. Do you inform the customer that because its a last minute order there is an additional fee of $$ or do you simply include it in the price quote? Im not sure how to go about implementing this charge but feel I need to and want to do it the most professional way. Thanks
Hi, I did this cake for my sisters baby shower a few months back. I am now starting to get requests from customers for it. I have added up my cost of ingredients and supplies, however this cake took me a lot more time than most cake do (maybe I was being over picky cuz it was my baby sis hehe) and Im not sure how much to really charge for my time. So My question is. What would you charge/pay for this cake. Im just trying to get a feel for an amount here- I know no one can...
I have a customer that wants buttercream frosting (with rolled Buttercream accents") for an outdoor party. My go to buttercream is made with all butter but I have used all Crisco or half n half before. My question is which one would hold up best outdoors? The party is the end of May so I dont expect 90 degree weather but I also dont want the frosting to melt. TIA
Thank you so much. Its a lot to think about. I make my ice cream as well and would really have to give the time factor some thought as well. I was thinking for summer it might be a fun thing to offer, however maybe not so much fun for Thank you again for your sharing your experience with this- it is very helpful
Thanks for the response. I was thinking about offering then but wasnt sure if it would be beneficial or not. Do you find that its something your customers request often and like that you offer?Or is it more of a occassional request? TIA
Hello, I was wondering does anyone offer ice cream cakes? Either year round or just for the summer.
I made this out of RKT for the sole purpose of decorating and taking a picture for my website. I wasnt able to get it as smooth as I would have liked (i didnt frost under the rolled buttercream) and I dont want to put it on my website and turn people What would u do? Does it look good enough to put up? Thanks
Happy Birthday to you ChristineCMC! I usually dont have a cake or anything of the sort for my birthday. If I did I would be the one to make it- hence why I never have one-LOL. Im usually so busy with everyone and everything else that time to make a cake for myself never fits ins. All well- I eat the cakes I make for the rest of my family- mom, dad, sister, niece, 3 kids, husband, etc....maybe one day one of my kids will make me one
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