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I thought maybe you could relax.... take a deep breath and then check out this link to a wonderful, quite talented cake decorator here at cake central pat yourself on the back because I can't reach.... You will be fine.
My daughter has refrgerated "Satin Ice" brand fondant overnite on a wedding cake in she did in Florida. Everything was fine. The cakes did not sweat or turn slimey at all. She just lets the cake sit a few minutes after removal from the fridge before decorating. Here is a link to some of her photos of Satin Ice covered cakes. She only uses Satin Ice brand....
Thanks, She did use the thinest brush, the snowman was only 2 1/2 inches high. I used my macro to take a realy good closeup And here is a royal icing ornament she did on the balloon.And the cake the ornaments went on. I don't have a picture of the chocolate tree the snowman went on she has it in her camera.
Here is an ornament my daughter blew from sugar and hand painted.And this is a snowman. I kept blowing a hole in mine LOLHappy Holidays Everyone!
How abot a block cake on the bottom each side a primary color and a round cake on top with a small triagle cake on top of that?
After seeing the Holiday cake challenge ... I saw this little ladle in the food store that was for poaching eggs and it had a very short handle and it could stand on the counter soooo... I bought it and made my daughter "pastrypuffgirl" try to make an ornament! She did it! Even her sister and I got into blowing through a straw to make small ones rounding them in a melon baller to make little snowmen, (she used her pump, which by the way was from and old blood pressure...
You crack me up Doug! The best part about cakeballs is you can make em ...still get some scraps for yourself, but now you can have it with a little rum
We use florist wire... you can get it at most craft stores in a couple differant thicknesses. If you need to you can wrap it in differant colors with floral tape if you want like my daughter didin this photo.. can also bend the wire into as much of an arch as you want.
WOW Sounds like she's trying to get her moneys worth and then some to me too!The good news is your cake was so good you are sure to get more orders... hopefully from her not so tacky guests! Next time she asks for cake scraps charge her! Does the local bakery give away it's crumbs?
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