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It sounds like you are just trying to make cakes for a couple of people who knows you through a mutual friend. You don't even have to report income to the IRS unless it is $600 or more.I could see if you were trying to sell to the public and make a business out of it. It is legal to have a hobby and it is legal to get paid for your hobby.How would this be different from a 15 year old who gets paid for babysitting? Legally, that person isn't even old enough to work in...
Hi,I'm making the princess cake in the new Wilton Cupcake book and it calls for Peppermint Sticks. They are very easy to find during Christmas but does anyone know where I can get peppermint sticks?
I think your site is really nice. It does take a long time to load, other than that it's great! I design and develop websites also. So do me a favor and critique mine too! It's not about cakes, but homemade baby food. If you know someone who has babies, please tell them about it and sign up for my message board. I just made this in October and I need to get more members on my message board.www.MyHomemadeBabyFood.comI really think your cake and cookie designs are...
I have heard about cake balls on CC for quite some time but can't find an "Official" Recipe.Can anyone explain step-by-step how to make cake balls with all the variations? I'm really anxious to try them.
Thanks so much!!
How much do you spend making a cookie bouquet? How do you make them?
Thanks for that link. They have great ideas there!
I buy the 10 lb bag of powdered sugar from Sam's club and it has a zip lock on it and I've never had a problem until one day I didn't zip lock it.It seems like if it's exposed to air it gets lumps? I never sift my sugar either.
This is a great idea We need this kinds of clubs in the cake decorating forum. Do you mind if I start one?
I would like to make the big round cookies for birthdays sometimes and I also make dessert pizzas with cookies and I don't know where I can get a 11 inch or a 15 inch round box from. Where can you buy those?
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