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Sometimes they put them in every week and sometimes they don't. You just have to watch your local newspaper and check to see if they put one in that week. You won't regret buying the "big" caddy... to me, you can never have too many tips/bags, etc ... the kit is great and a lot of my students buy it ... good luck with your classes!! I hope you learn a lot and enjoy them couldn't find any tutorial on how to do fondant/gumpaste flowers but found a couple of links on some nice pictures of some that were done.I did find a tutorial on buttercream sunflowers.....
I know one of my students in cake classes tried and used the WalMart brand all vegetable shortening and said it worked better for her than the new Trans-Crisco stuff. I bought some and yes, it did work well; however, it gives a more off white look to me than the pure white look that Crisco does or did. I dislike the new Crisco as well.
LOL... MicheleH, you sound so much like my sister .. she's exactly like that ... she'll get a call and someone will completley change their plans; she'll change everything she had planned to accomodate them and try to think of something positive to gain from it .. there's nothing at all wrong with that but it just comes a time though that you have to stop letting people walk over you and take control of your life.. I know the bride and MOB have a lot on their plates to get...
If I had to deliver it, she'd come pay me up front the delivery charges and I'd definitely charge her (possibly double the amount) to do it since she infringed on "ME" time like Doug said.... I mean, come on, 8 days before a wedding and they think they can just call and say "oh yeah, by the way, can you deliver my cake now?" and think you can just drop everything to accomodate? Yeah, I'd drop it alright with a fee for double the normal delivery charges for taking time...
How sad! At least he was doing what he loved most when he died... I can't think of a more beautiful way to go out of the world than doing what you loved.
To me, it sounds as though your oven may have been too hot for the cake mix. I'd try lowering the temperature some to see how that would work.
We're glad to have you with us here.... this is such a wonderful place to learn things... I learn something new every single day!! Thanks to Jackie and Heath for creating and maintaining such a terrific website!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always cut a strip of wax paper just a little smaller than the width of the ribbon I'm going to use... I tape together the ends and cut to the length I need ... I place that around each layer first then the ribbon ... works for me with not grease getting on the ribbon at all
I just walk around the table too ... the borders come out fine with no problems
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