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We try to afford everyone the opportunity to express their opinion. However, we do watch all forums and moderate those we feel get out of control; but once again, everyone has their own opinion of what they think in regard to a subject matter. When topics tend to get too far off of what the topic was suppose to be and turn to the negative side, we sometimes will lock those threads. We delete a thread when it prohibits CakeCentral's rules or policies. Anytime you feel...
I'm going to lock this topic because I feel it has gotten way off the path in which it started. I feel it has also turned more negative than positive, therefore, it is now locked.
I have used it on a lot of my buttercream cakes. I wait until I deliver the cake if it's not too far in advance of the wedding reception to put my ribbon(s) on. If it's going to be awhile before the reception, then I will put a smaller width than the ribbon of wax paper behind the ribbon. I use a very small piece of tape to secure mine together on the backside of my cake.
You sparked my curiosity on this one as I use Pillsbury myself. The store I frequently shop at doesn't carry a lot of this brand either. I went to their website and these are the flavors available in their Moist Supreme type:•  Classic Yellow •  Classic White •  Devil's Food •  Strawberry •  Banana •  Lemon •  German Chocolate •  French Vanilla •  Dark Chocolate •  Golden Butter Recipe •  Butter Recipe Chocolate •  Funfetti •  Pineapple •  Chocolate They also make a...'m not sure if that's the one you're looking for, but it's a big thread about cupcakes
Americolor makes and electric pink that would probably work for what you need. HTH
I'm with you indydebi. I get that all the time myself. I have to explain that the cake can be down sized to make however many servings needed and even the shapes can be changed. I know they do not know anything about cake decorating, but even before I knew anything about it, I would ask if the serving amounts could be changed. Now days, a lot of things are optional and can be changed lolFor me, I'm sick of ribbons used as borders. It seems every cake I've done lately...
I'm a Pillsbury girl. Never had much luck with any others
I did it with gumpaste ... didn't work for me... I tried rolling it so thin you could see through it, a bit thicker than that; to other degrees of thickness. I tried letting it dry some before cutting as other suggested. I tried every method suggested and it did not work for me at all!! I threw in the towel and made them by hand using white chocolate. I wish I could have gotten them to work, but nothing I tried seemed to matter
I've used BC to attach things to my MMF before and it worked fine. It all really depends on the weight of the item. As far as the carrot nose, it would depend on the weight of it. I'd think you'd have to use a dowel and push it into the cake a good ways to hold it on, otherwise, it would droop. HTH
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