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Posts by ntertayneme have the "How to" tutorial here on CakeCentral... I've personally used this one and if you follow the instructions, the cake turns out really well HTH
I am locking this thread as it has gotten too far off topic and nothing positive will come from it.
USE OF THE PHOTO GALLERYYou must crop or blur out, all people's faces before uploading your photos. Uploading photos with people's faces, even your own face to the gallery is a violation of these terms and your photo uploading privileges will be revoked. It is ok to upload photos of cakes that utilize a person's face as part of the decoration. For example, if you made a cake that had a frosting sheet print out of someone's face. That is ok. That is part of the actual...
A long, long time ago, I use to compromise my prices because I'd get the, for example, "I'm a single parent, paying for all the wedding stuff myself" and I'd believe it ... I was niave and gullible and very new in the market ... that was until I got to where the reception was going to be held for one of the wedding cakes I worked for hours upon hours on, and found out it was catered by one of the most expensive companies in the area and the florist that was doing the...
I'm guessing 12, 9, 6. Looking at the size of the calla lily, that's my thinking.
indydebi, you crack me up with the Cadillac reference... I could just see the salesman's face when you tell him, "Yeah, I'd like that Cadillac SUV for $20,000 and I can't pay a penny more than that... that's my top price".... people think prices for cakes are high, but in reality, we put so much work into them they do not begin to understand .. I tell them to price at other bakeries and get quotes from them .. some come back, some don't .. you win some, you lose some
I have a Delonghi and I love mine. I make MMF with it and haven't had any problems yet *knock on wood*
LOL ... too funny!!
Wilton fondant tastes bad but handles pretty well. MMF is soft, pliable and taste good. It can be a little easy to stretch out if you're not use to working with it. I've never tried Michele's fondant recipe so can't really say anything about it.You can use Wilton color gel or Americolor gel to color with. I'm sure ChefMaster or any other coloring gel would work too.
How awesome is that!! I always tell all my fellow cake decorators where I live, if you can't find in CakeCentral, then you probably won't find it at all. This is such a wonderful resource to find out ideas, to ask advice, etc. I cannot think of another place I'd rather be
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