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Posts by ntertayneme did a search for just buttercream and buttercreme.I'll continue to look for the good brownie recipe
I guess it would depend on what state you're located in what the next process would be.Try this link to your state and see if they have information on what your next step may be:!!
Cakes that are large and require carving or stacking, I usually freeze. I have broken cakes myself when large and trying to stack them and I've found freezing works best for me. I'm sure there are many other ways it could be done, but this is my preference
I'm not sure what your scrolls look like, but I do mine with buttercreme icing and I add a little piping gel to the icing to give it elasticity/stretch and they won't break too easily.
I would be afraid to ice one straight from the refrigerator. Condensation may develop between the icing and the cake and cause you to have a "blow-out". I let mine stand uncovered for 15-30 minutes, come to room temperature, then I put icing on the cake. HTH
Once again, when nothing positive comes from topics, we're forced to lock them. I am lnow locking this topic. Thanks to all who tried to keep on a positive note!
Again, I feel this topic has turned negative; therefore, I am locking this thread.
I'm locking this thread as it seems everytime one begins on this topic, it gets heated and nothing constructive comes from them.
Since this topic has not generated anything positive and has gone away from the subject matter of the original post, I decided to lock it.
I used CK brand before and like to have NEVER gotten it to dry ... now I use Wilton brand. It seems to be the best as far as drying in the humid weather here where I live.
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