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I've never heard of cupcake flour either. I just googled it and the only thing that came up when I searched was cake flour.
They are probably made of fondant and/or gumpaste. The charge for the cake would depend on flavors, ingredients used, time spent decorating, etc. HTH
And since this topic has basically turned negative, I will lock this thread.
I only have 2 that I've passed in my lifetime that stick out in my mind which were Spring and the last name was Blossom, "Spring Blossom" and then there was Mary ... last name Lamb .. so "Mary Lamb"
I read on here where someone used gold dust, vodka or clear vanilla flavoring with a little piping gel added. Not sure if this would work on top of cake bites because you wouldn't be able to stack them as the deco on top more than likely would not dry. If you could put them in some candy cup liners and not stack them, this may work... just a thought
And yet again, nothing positive is coming from this thread so therefore, at this time, it is being locked
I have a Maytag (gas) stove with a convection or regular oven.... whichever you choose to use ... I can fit an 12 X 18 pan in it with no problems and could go larger if needed.. I literally brought a tape measure with me and measured the inside of the oven of stoves when I went shopping for my new one ... then went home and researched on the internet the pros/cons of each brand... granted, mine is a home type stove/oven, not a commercial type, but I love it!
I did a search on the internet and there are many there.... just try looking up cake supplies for Jacksonville Florida... many come up with addresses. You'd have to look up the one that closest to where you'll be.
A little water goes a long way too, but I find water works best for me to adher fondant to cake, dowels, etc. Just remember to use a little water to make it stick and if it doesn't, try a little more water. Too much water can also make things you're trying to stick on the side of your cake slide downwards. Water will also effect your drying time so allow time for your items to dry... Good luck and let us know if it works for you
I'd leave it ... I hate to see you open "pandora's box" and then have more problems to fix!
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