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I usually make my modelled figures one to two weeks before they go on the cake (I like to give myself plenty of time!). I think they taste best if they're made within a week because the fondant starts to harden and dry out. The fresher it is the better it's going to taste. However, some figures actually need to dry out a bit so that they can support their own weight. (I often make the bodies first. I let them dry out for a day or two so that they can support the...
Thanks! You've all been helpful. Do you have problems with the finished product smearing when you use either the gels mixed with extract or the airbrush color?
I often paint details onto my modelled figures (like faces) using powdered black food coloring mixed with vodka or lemon extract. However, my "paint" sometimes comes out too thin (and not black enough) or too clumpy. Does anyone have a better painting mixture? Or a suggested brand of powdered food coloring? I'd like my "paint" to go on more smoothly since often I apply a lot of tiny details to my work with a very fine paintbrush. Thanks.
Does anyone have a preferred brand of fondant for making modelled figures? I prefer making my characters out of fondant because it tastes better than gumpaste (and the kids always want to eat the figures). But sometimes I find that brands like "Satin Ice" and "Wilton" are a little too soft. When that's the case the pieces either flatten or sink while they're drying. Any tips?
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