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Yes you do need to know all of that for a biz plan but knowing other peoples numbers is'nt going to help you. You need to figure out your numbers.And like prterrell stated all of that is going to vary depending on your product, market,customer base, etc.What I pay for ingredients may not be what you pay because we don't make the exact same thing and shop at the exact same stores,in the exact same area of town, you get what I'm saying?I would do a little research for your...
You can do reg. fondant , just let it sit and dry for a few hours, it will cut perfectly and yet still be pliable enough to put around cakes.
Darn I missed the drama again. I've had people copy my cakes exactly and not give credit and yet they take all the praise for such an awesome design. Whatever let em I don't care, my original was better anyways....
How is that harsh? It was a question, it wasn't rude, just straight forward , there's a difference.Not to mention it's the kind of stuff you need to find out before you casually give your info to someone.
Well does it make a difference if I did'nt download the image directly from the cartridge, if I found it online in jpeg form and changed it, basically using it as a starting point for creating my own image.
Okay say for example in an alternate universe I were to copy and paste an image from one of their cartridges and in the process of changing it to a svg file I altered it, is the image I created still protected by their copyright?
Here's a tutorial I did on a baby, he' sitting up but you could easily make him laying down by just adjusting the legs and arms.It might be helpful with forming his body,it's more of a pear shape.
That's going to be a thick brim! Have you considered gumpaste?
That's what I was thinking. You purschased the fabric therefore you have the right to do with as you wish.I guess I never really thought about copyright and tradmark stuff outside of how if affected my cakes.Good for you for representing yourself and winning!
tabberone-So wait Disney tried to stop you from selling items you made with fabric you purchased that just so happened to have Disney characters on it?And you won the right to sell your items?
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