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I save a lot of pictures also! even some that don't have anything to do with what I make..just coz I think they are cute!like someone posted on another thread..I'd rather have the number of "view" than a number of comments!but I'm still posting all the pictures I"ve "STOLEN" in my secret website..hehehe!OOPS, I'd better stop kidding like this before someone doesn't read the whole thread and thinks I am TRULY going to steal and post!!!!
Well, I will chime in here...and make a deal with you all..Let's "steal" each ohter's pictures...on one condition..that we admit we are total theives and We can always get around it by saying that..that is the kinds of cake we can do!???lolFirst one's I"m going to steal are ANYONE THAT IS BETTER THAN ME...OH YEAH..I'm sooooooooooo stealing EVERYONE'S PHOTOS...CALL ME THE CAKE CENTRAL GRINCH!then I'm going to a secret web site and posting them...
thank you Tammy, and actually I didn't know I had any "FOLLOWERS" since I'm always left hanging with my "pants" down most times here.. People that don't agree with the general consensus are NOT following..they are standing alone expressing their own opinions...I just happened to beat them to the posting !!
Look, I don't know what the deal is with many of you and the way I write things...All I do is express an OPINION..Everyone has one and one is not more valid than another.The reason I posted that we have gallery supporters to make the comments is because I've spent 3 days..YES..3 days looking at the last uploaded pictures and MOST of them are pictures than are UNCOMMENTED!and I know that FLAVOREDFUN just recruited a boat load of gallery supporters!I wasn't being rude..and...
I don't understand what the problem's YOUR gift to HER.why is she giving you grief and why are you letting her?You are gracious enough to GIVE her close to 500 dollars worth of your time...If you think that a cupcake tower is what you are comfortable with..then that's what she gets!Good Grief...if she's not happy , then tell her that you can't accomodate her , don' t do any cake..and just give her a 50 dollar gift certificate!Case closed!For Goodness sake...WHY are...
well if you're that close , just go there and talk to someone in charge!and the web site is a good place to start, that's where I started.
you do not need to lable anything that you're not wholeselling, if you are only will be fine
lol, no te puedo dar las recetas porque mi Espanol no alcanza..pero le puedes mandar un PM a Maria, el Mod de este foro Y seguro que te las manda..!Perdoname
CarolAnn,let us know...I was going to do this..but I dont' want to make a stop at the supermarket right now..lolgive us your honest taste test opinion!
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