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Hi, I'm having problems with my cake having tiny little spots on them within a few hour of drying and it makes the color frosting look nasty(to me!!!). How can I prevent this?
Thanks, I'll check them all out!
Can anyone tell me a good place to buy cookie cutters?
Very nice! I did bouquets for my family members last year and believe me it does take time. the mugs are great. Have you thought about putting the back cookies up higher and the front cookies lower so you would be able to see them all? Hope I said that right. I just wouldn't know if it would tip the mug. Anyway, the cookies look great. Hope the best for you.
Are you the only one serving breakfast or are there gonna be others making food also? Muffins, mini muffins, breakfast cookies?
Talk about fondant challenged! I tried it years ago. It was a total mess and I never did try it again. The people in here that do it, make it look soooooooooo easy. Maybe I'll try it again sometime.(ha-ha)
I love your Santa! You did an great job!
Hi, I have been asked to made a 25th anniversary cake soon and my friend wanted to have silver trim on the cake. I know that I must of seen a cake somewhere with silver frosting. Is there a gel, or powder, or something? And if so where can I find some? Thanks.
Very beautiful work. They look like they took some time. Great job!
Thankyou kelleym! I know I can always count on you guys to help me out.
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