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Brandyf817, I am in agreement with you. They did NOT give actual instructions for that particular element of the cake. I am reasonably sure that the cone is an actual ice cream cone that has a pillar running through it to hold up the top plate. I am thinking the "hidden pillars". How they made the "ice cream" part?? I am stumped on that one. Might be the globe pillar set with fondant wrapped around.
To me the logo background does not read "urban/hip" Way to formal? victorian? sweet? As far as the name, out of the 3 presented, Crave Cupcakery sounds the best to me. Also the color is throwing me off. It is reading really "hot" pink on my computer. A lighter pink and a cleaner graphic would seem more modern.
That particular segment was not "live" it was pre taped and could have been shot more than once if the baker had asked them to. I would have more issue with the actual shipping method and if the product could be kept flat in transport. Otherwise you are more than likely going to wind up with a messed up piece of fondant anyway.
I "train" my cupcake liners into shape. I puchased a plastic container, a cylinder shape and I sit my cupcake papers in the container for a while. I usually remove them from the original package as soon as I get home. Using a plastic drinking cup will work too (the 16 oz size, throwaway cup) Just be sure you dont fill the cup too high or you will defeat the purpose. My cylinder is about 3 inches across and 7 inches high. It holds at least 150 cupcake liners. I tend...
I am lucky enough to live within an hour of their "storefront" an have been there many times. It is one of the best places to go for plastic and aluminum supplies. They also have a nice variety of paper goods and boxes too. The staff is super helpful and very friendly. I too am a "happy customer".
If you can find them Social Tea Bisquits will work also. i think they are made by Nabisco. I used to use them in another version of this same type of cake.
Thanks Kiddiekakes, DUH... why didn't I think of that!! LOL
The video was very helpful. Thanks sweettooth. I love the idea of outlinging the edge and then filling in and smoothing the icing.
That sounds yummy. I have been thinking that I have seen such a recipe somewhere though. Post your recipe if you try it, please.
I have been asked to do a cupcake cake also. My question is more about how to get flat tops on my cupcakes. Mine usually bake up with a dome. Any hints?
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