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Leah, is Charlotte's recipe the same/similar to the Whipped Cream Buttercream that I posted. I cannot find hers in the recipe sections under her name. Will you tell me how her's is listed exactly. I would love to compare the two recipes. Thanks.
Jen, I just spent the last hour on your site... DITTO what everyone else said. I am so going to try SMBC SOON!!
Whipping cream and heavy cream are basically the same thing. My shop-rite sells both products, but when I looked at the labels they were pretty much the same. Is your recipe for a frosting, a filling? You should be able to use the heavy cream with no ill effects.
If you change out the butter with crisco, and the milk with water, you will have a completely different tasting frosting. As for the 1 cup of cocoa, this is probably meant to be a dark, rich chocolate. If you reduce the amount of the cocoa, the texture will be different and you should reduce the amont of liquid that you use. I would try the recipe as written.. you might just love it. I think it sounds delicious and am thinking of giving it a try myself.
If your tiers are sinking, your supports are probably too short. The SPS system by Bakery Crafts is a good system. If you cannot get that, using Wilton's hidden pillars and plastic plates will also work. Just make sure the supports are not sunk too far down into the cake. I prefer to have my dowels just slightly above the top of the frosting. The key word being slightly. Too high and the cake will wobble.
I have wilton pans that are at least 30 years old. If they are taken care of they will last. If the seller claims the pan was only used a few times, and it appears to be in good condition, you should have no problems getting many years of good use out of the pan.
It is not a fake site. They are a well established business that I buy from all the time. ( I am lucky enough to live close to their physical store and do not have the added expense of shipping.) Other decorators on this site have used them and have complimented them on fast, polite service.
Thanks for the feedback.. I am thinking it might make more sense to do the chocolate inside and a marshmallow frosting. Or I have to do a different marshmallow filling. I will give this another shot soon.
100 cake clebrate baby getting his first tooth??? That alone would send me running for the hills. LOLThen, to want them for cheap and ask for freebies, and complain about them not being wrapped too??? Holy Moly!!
I am experimenting with S'mores cupcakes. I was wondering if anyone has actually baked a marshmallow inside the cupcake? I tried using marshmallow creme as a filling, but it was hard to work with and I did not get enough filling into the cupcake. The graham cake was good and I have a good chocolate frosting, just need to get the marshmallow part. Thanks.
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